Monday, February 06, 2006

comic #124

Ok, i dont usually get political(on my blog), cause I think its boring as hell.But todays an exception.Everyone has heard about the cartoons from denmark that got muslims jumping up and down.More than that in fact, quote

"The embassies of Denmark and Norway were badly damaged by demonstrators shouting "God is Great!" as police fired tear gas and water cannons, news reports said. In the Palestinian territories, protesters burned tires and threw rocks at offices of the European Union, and a leader of the Islamic Resistance Movement, or Hamas, was quoted as calling for the death of those responsible for the caricatures."
" A leader of Hamas called the caricatures “an unforgivable insult” that merited death"
(side note:There were peaceful rallies against the cartoons in Iraq where hundreds demanded an apology from the European Union. I apluad them for not using brute force.Just trying to show that Im not completely against those monkeys)

First point, if christians were like muslims, we would be protesting everyday about how someones been "disrespecting my homey G (G for god)".Its not really a point, but you get the idea.

The second not so much a point is: I feel really sad for the cartoonist.Hes just trying to earn his meager salary.Bring home the bacon so to speak.And all of a sudden hes got religious radicals jumping down his throat.Hes probably thinking "Oh my G, their gonna drive a commercial jumbo jet into my house." .I want to show my respect and support to that man by shpwing the comics on my blog(so he gets into even deeper trouble) and hold a moment of silence for him..............

Third point: the muslims were jumping up and down about the comics portraying them as killer terrorists, and so what do they do?Torch embassys and demanding the head of whoever it was who was responsible for this great ATROCITY against their faith.Im not rying to say that going around laughing at other people religion is wrong, I just find a religion who thinks that anyone who isnt with them should either join them RIGHT NOW or die an excrusiating death a very intolrable thing.How could something like this ever come about?
I mean, at least the jehova witness folky only knock on your door every couple of months.Their not about to put their foot in the door as your trying to close it and say"What?You slam the door in my face you son of a B?(sorry about the harsh letters Im using).Well im just gonna have to rip of my suit and blow you away with this home made BOMB I have been working on...What was that?Where did I get this BOMB?Oh no where, Its just a little hobbie I got taught at Jehova school."

Yes, My argument has been quite shallow, but I never put much effort into what I say. If you guys wanna debate it/hate me/clap me on the back go ahead.

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